Well it really all started when Richard was desperately trying to entertain his daughter in a rather long queue at a rather well-known amusement park.

In one of those rare moments, some would say adversity breeds ingenuity,

he adapted a game played with his mates (all those years ago) into

something more appropriate.

The queues passed in a flash.

In fact, it came to be the queue-buster of choice.

However, it wasn’t until some time later when this came up in

conversation, and rather than having to explain, the tactile approach

seemed more appropriate, and Ruzze® was born.

This was when Robert came to the rescue as Ruzze® needed to be taken from the “gifted amateur” type creation into the fully functioning professional entity it is today.

Ruzze® proved a hit with young and old alike, although it might be fair to say different motivations may well apply.

Nevertheless, a lot of fun was had across all the age brackets.

The concept is simple enough, just guess what’s in the middle, but if you want to win consistently you will need a bit more than guesswork.

The most obvious clue is what the players before you guess as that gives an indication of what they might be holding.

Unless you can read their “tells” and they are bluffing.

And this is where the main rule comes in, as you can’t make a false guess.

A false guess is one that is impossible to achieve with the cards in the middle.

The best way to explain this is if you play your 3 card and guess the total in the middle is 2.

However, if there are 3 players left in and you have placed your 1 card in the middle the maximum now possible is only 7 (2*3 plus your 1) so a false call would be when you guess 8 or 9 and of course zero as it can’t now be “a total ruzze®”.

Finally, and once you have practised, why not take on the Ruzze® Challenge…

All you have to do is set the challenge, which could be the dishes, buying the next round or even something more extreme (think internet trends like the ice-bucket) but the difference here is it will be the loser of the head to head that has to do the challenge.

So, you will have to be either super confident in your abilities or agree a challenge you would be happy to do yourself.

And don’t forget to post it on YouTube.

Only time will tell but if you are the victor of multiple challenges then we will instigate a leader board to find the Ruzze® Champion.