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How to Play


Get rid of all your counters


Each player chooses one of their cards and places it face down in the middle along with a counter.

Each player in turn guesses the combined total of the cards in the middle.

The first one to guess correctly the combined total of the numbers in the middle is out for the remainder of this round.

If a player thinks that everybody has put their zero card in the middle they shout “RUZZE” at any time, but if wrong have to take all the counters in the middle.

The remaining players retrieve their card then select the same or another card to go back into the middle face down and guess the total again, while the counters stay in the middle.

This continues until there is only one player left who then takes all the counters.

Round two starts this process again with each player choosing a card and placing it face down in the middle with another counter, then in turn guessing again the combined total.

The winner could be the first to get rid of all their counters, or you can play until everyone apart from the loser has got rid of their counters.

If playing until the last remaining player has all the counters it is advisable that each time half the players have got rid of all their counters the remaining players put in twice as many counters per round.


Choose how many counters each player has to start as this will determine the duration of the game.

The player with the Red cards starts, thereafter each new guess begins with the player to the left of the player who last started.

No player can guess the same number.

The most important rule is “False Guesses” are forbidden.

For example a False Guess is where a player places their number 3 card face down in the middle and guesses “zero”, or any number less than 3. Similarly in a one on one situation playing, face down, your 1 card and guessing 5 or 6 knowing your opponents cards only go as high as 3, making the highest total possible 4, or if there are 3 players still guessing, choosing a number greater than 7, etc.

This is particularly important in head to head situations, but if caught making a false guess at any time, that player immediately losses that round and has to take all the counters in the middle.

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