A game for up to 8 players and across all ages making it truly unique as it appeals as much to families as head to head challenges.

Welcome to the game that PITS THE WITS of all players whatever their age from 6 to 96.

All you have to do is choose your card, place it face down in the middle, then guess the total.

Sounds simple you think?

You still have to OUTSMART your opponent, and it could total zero, a total RUZZE.

The object of the game is to OUTTHINK your opponents and get rid of all your counters.

The winner is the first to do so, or play until just one player is left with all the counters.


There are eight sets of cards in each game so this should be enough for all family members to play, or even two families.

Or if you fancy just going head to head, mano a mano, and take on the hardest challenge of all then just remember no false calls.

And one of the first questions we get asked is always the pronunciation, so for the record it is a two-syllable word with the primary stress on the “RU” and the secondary stress on the “ZZE” so RÚ͜͜͜͢͢͜_zzè or phonetically ru:z and in context it could be something like “Oh what a clever ruzze”.